Sunday, September 14, 2014

Latest Eduman Update !!

The update for June 2015 exam is already integrated and ready for use. We will probably have a few value-added changes as we go along..

Yes! The promised Moble App for learners is now available from Google Play Store. Simply do a search on Eduman... Learners just have to log in using their Unique number which will be provided by the Eduman administrator.

For now, it will be Android-based and can be downloaded onto any smartphone with the Android platform. This will increase our service offering even more. I am excited about this as Smartphone use will increase exponentially in the near future. Learners know how to use this technology! Let's make it available to them with this messaging platform....

This app can be used for:

  • Mobile Messaging - no SMS required!
  • Display progress information in realtime!
  • Log requests!

More features to follow!